TOP 10 Most Unexpected Places of Exhibitions

January 25, 1993 on the orbital station "Mir" was open the first in the history of art exhibition space. It featured the work of Ukrainian artist Igor Podolchak. This event has become one of the most famous art exhibitions held in the most unexpected places.


There were represented by only two works by Ukrainian artist Igor Podolchak ( third orbit would not let the doctor because frankly erotic content ) . Thus , the organizers held an important art experiment to expand the horizons of art. Indeed, it may be considered whether those outside the cultural context ?
Along with the exhibition of works planned for launch Podolchak EVA book German philosopher and writer Jacob Boehme, so she became the first cultural satellite of the Earth , but technical difficulties at the station "Mir" was not allowed to do it .


June 1, 2007 On Child Protection Day in the Moscow metro was launched nominal train "Watercolor" cars which were mobile art galleries. Initially they exhibited reproductions of the artist Andriaka and students of his school. But over time, there appeared other exposure, for example, from the Russian Museum or Museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino". However, even seemingly subway was decorated in an appropriate style - coated with a film depicting imitating watercolor drawings.



Built at the height of the Cold War in the Bosnian (then - Yugoslav) Sarajevo bunker had become a refuge for local authorities in the event of the beginning of a global nuclear conflict. It consists of more than a hundred rooms, connected by a long corridor. And in 2011, this has become a long time nobody wants dungeon opened an art exhibition of works by authors from nineteen European countries. Since then there has one of the most unusual and atmospheric world of art galleries.



From underground galleries let's go to underwater. In 2009, not far from the Mexican city of Cancun artist Jason Taylor has created an unusual sculpture museum called MUSA (Museo Subaquactico de Arte). It is located at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and get into it only to scuba diving. Since there appeared more than a dozen works that depict individuals, Jesus Christ, and even the car Volkswagen Beetle.



A bit further to north, near the city of Key West in Florida, there is an underwater photos Vandenberg. She was named to the honor of the American warship that sank in these waters. Here on his remains, popular among divers in 2009 photographer Andreas Franke created a permanent exhibition of his work. Subsequently, a similar picture from the same author appeared in two places off the coast of Barbados and the islands in the same Sanibel Florida.



In 1988, in Rostov -on-Don , an exhibition of local artists from the creative community , " Art or Death" titled " Provincial avant-garde ." In the history of modern art this event came through the place of their meeting. The fact is that as an art gallery in this case was made by the cooperative toilet Gazetny Lane .
This extraordinary place for the exhibition was chosen not by accidental. In the early 20th century in these walls existed institution " Basement poets" , read their works where many well-known authors , including , Velimir Khlebnikov , Isaac Babel and Eugene Schwartz. Incidentally, the toilet after the exposition " Provincial vanguard" has repeatedly taken action in the walls of contemporary artists .


Australians apparently not has a special reverence toward their dead ancestors. Because they express it very unusual way - every year at one of the cemeteries in Sydney, an exhibition of contemporary sculpture Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk. This art festival is attended by authors from around the world who create jobs, forcing people to look at a particular angle to the questions of life and death.



In January 2013 the legendary St. Petersburg Prison "Crosses" for some time turned into a museum of modern art. There, an exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the correctional institution in which the authors exhibited artifacts from around the world started on this jail, its history and destiny. Visitors cultural event was a staff "Crosses", as well as prisoners and their lawyers.



In 2012, in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk plant opened Interpipe Steel - the largest mini-mill in Central and Eastern Europe. But he was not interested in the size and the fact that in addition to industrial enterprises producing billets for pipes , it is also the Museum of Modern Art .
At the plant exposed to several works by the famous Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson , blending harmoniously with the surroundings of the factory site and even production plants. And the residents and guests can enjoy daily Dnepropetrovsk get a free trip to a cultural and industrial enterprise .



Modern Romanian artist Daniel Knorr does not hesitate to put their art on display. But he does it not even in art galleries and museums , and in the streets . Best place to showcase his work - it storefront , past which thousands of people pass daily .
The most famous of such action from Daniel Knorr's performance became The Naked Corner, which he submitted as part of the Liverpool Biennial in 2010. Within ten days in one of the windows on the street of the British city alternated seminude people - from young girls to old uncles . Such an incredible way the artist tried to explore the questions of market relations in the modern world



Provencal style in the interior

Provence style is very popular and beloved. It is perfect for design of country houses. The individual elements of style can give comfort and warmth in a city apartment. Below is a little "instruction" how to create a paradise home.

This style has come to us from the south of France, and it is from the Provence region, which is located on the Mediterranean coast and is famous for the magnificent scenery. It is said that no other province of France does not give so many emotions and feelings as Provence.

Farm House - a paradise on earth. It is permeated with warmth, comfort and delicious smells. It is filled with aromas, colors and energy of nature.

In such a house resting soul're leisurely way of life, working in a fun and have a feeling of serenity.
Originally, Farm House - a rural house with small windows and small rooms. Residents Provencal houses sought to make their rooms bright, visually more spacious and also cool, as the region is very hot and sunny.
In Provencal house, usually by several generations. Provence House - a house with its rich history, there are a lot of vintage memorabilia, which include carefully and with love.

External deceptive simplicity of the style of Provence. His incarnation requires good taste and hard work. The style, which was built over the years of life in the south of France can not be exactly replicated in Russia, to realize in our conditions. But! We are able to create the necessary associations and convey the spirit of the old, neat, charming and very, very cozy style of Provence.
To properly stylize the situation in the Provencal style you need to understand its philosophy and know its main features.

If you want to see in your house this style, remember what to take to create Provence need only natural materials - stone, wood, metal, natural fabrics.
The colors chosen are also only natural. As a basis we take light colors: white, milk, cream, beige, sand, light brown, light gray, pale lemon, pale orange, pale green, olive, blue, lavender.

As the use of accents green, blue, lavender, brown, ocher.

It must be remembered that the interior in the style of Provence light, without too much contrast. Therefore only natural colors, pastel, muted, as if bleached by the sun.
For Provence characterized by a combination pastel blue and pale yellow, symbolizing the flowering meadows of Provence. But the combination of red and white in Provence is rarely used.
A typical feature of the style of Provence - old and worn surfaces and objects: a wooden floor with cracks, worn terracotta tiles, lined with rough, slightly chipped furniture facades, sun-bleached surface.

In Provence, if the stone: a gritty, if metal, with a dull luster, if the furniture, then scuffed, in cracks and cleavages.
Decorating should be rough, up to negligence, as if she did not professionals.

Walls, frames, doors
On the wall plastering. And the plaster is applied clumsily, with irregularities and "bald spots", which can shine through the masonry.
We can decorate the walls of glazed brick and natural stone. Can sheathe the walls lining or facing board.

If you paint the brick, wall paneling or just laying, it will also be very in Provencal.
But the walls are papered with paper are not typical of the style of Provence.
Usually the walls are white, light yellow, light blue, milk-white, less pastel gray, pastel beige, very rare pale pink.

Wooden doors and window frames must be painted in white paint and have the effect of aged and worn.
The walls can beautify and decorate with stucco friezes in the form of flowers, vines, oak branches. The doors also can decorate flower painting.
Ceilings crumble with white paint, decorate the wooden beams - dark for contrast or whitewashed. Beams be gouged with the effect of darkening time.

As a rule, in the rooms of the first floor floor tile, terracotta or sandstone, and wooden floors in the rooms, wooden floor.
Boards should look rough, painted, aged, and the tile should have cut corners, rough edges.

The wooden floor in the style of Provence, usually light.
The furniture in the style of Provence wooden, wicker and wrought or wrought iron or wooden or wicker items. Always dyed, bleached.

Of course, the furniture should look as if it has served more than one generation. The paint on the furniture has to be peeled off, the surfaces must be with scuffed, chipped fine.

The main colors of the furniture white or any color low-key heavily diluted white - off-white, light green, lavender, brown or light wood color.
Most furniture can be decorated with floral designs carved in wood or painted floral pattern, blue, green and orange swirls.

Required items of furniture - a sideboard, buffet, low dressers

bookcases, cabinets with mezzanines and drawers, chairs with wicker seats or wrought-iron headboards, round dining tables in antique white wood,

Iron beds:

Provence enjoys a lot of small tables and console tables, which find a place anywhere (in the living room, the bedroom, in the hallway).

Furniture should not be a solid, rough and rustic as in other country (American, German or English). The French, it is elegant. And this is one of the main features of style of Provence. Forged products a la "provincial France" is very elegant, delicate, which is not unique to each country.

Most furniture is complemented by wrought iron elements, brass handles, hooks, stand.
Since Provence came to us from the village life, the fabric and will use simple natural origin: bleached linen, lightweight cotton, coarse with a printed floral print cotton and wool. We can use batiste, voile, satin and silk.
Textile Color beige, milky, yellow, terracotta, ocher, lavender and sky blue. As we can see is not bright. And do not give excessive opulence of textiles and sophistication, not because we create an aristocratic luxury, but a nice rustic feel.
It would be better if you take a flower in textiles, as the strip and the cell is less common in Provence.

Refuel in bed linens with embroidery, ruffles, embroidery and lace. Cover the bed quilted blanket all in the same flower. Do not forget the canopies.

Naquin covers for chairs, sofas to put more pillows, embroidered will place on the table in the art Reshele and crocheted napkins and woven mats on the floor.

Let us design the window. As mentioned above, was originally developed as a Provencal style of a small farmhouse, in which the windows were small. But later, when Provence became popular, he moved to the villas, cottages, country houses, that is in the house with large windows. But one thing has remained constant - light transparent curtains (developing in the wind), or even the lack thereof.
Provence is not compatible with the drawn curtains tightly. The fact is that no window curtain typical rural style. After all, a window opens onto private land and tend the garden, planted with flowering plants and the sun is shining. The window constantly open, so easy enough curtains.
Openness, transparency, maximum access to air and light - these are the attributes in the design window.

Curtains can be decorated with ruffles, cords, ribbons, barrettes, ribbons, but it is better not to split hairs.
The decor and lighting
Provence is very fond of many small, pretty, charming and with all this useless trinkets: candlesticks, vases, baskets, Plates, boxes, pots, bird cages, etc.

Trinkets made of ceramic, porcelain, glass, wood (aged), cardboard. Just fine details can be forged (lamps, candle holders, photo frames).
The more you have cute knick-knacks, the better - especially in Provencal.
Placed on the walls and floral still lifes landscapes, decorative ceramic plates, wall clock with painting, chandeliers, elegant shelves, mirrors forged or simple colored frames.
Provence is very fond of white earthenware or porcelain dishes, woven items (baskets, plates, trays).

One of the key elements of style of Provence - flowers. And the flowers are present constantly at home (from the garden)

We arrange flowers in every room at home: the kitchen window sills, on the dining table, a bedroom on the dresser or nightstand, in the bath.

If the home country, the flowers should be out of the house - on the terraces at the steps along the paths. In general, bouquets and bunches have to be literally everywhere.

Lavender - the most favorite flower.

A characteristic feature of the style - the use of utensils for the colors on the principle "that arm fell": in ceramic pots, a zinc bucket in the kitchen ware, and even old shoes. There is a particular charm.

Keep track of the colors of fruit and vegetables. The composition should be simple, not necessarily intricate and colorful.
You can play with a nautical theme that is relevant to the style of Provence. Decorate the room with shells, figurines seagulls, fishing net.

Use the textiles in white and blue stripes. Marine theme is particularly popular in the design of the bathrooms.
In Provence, it is important that the living space was sufficiently illuminated by the sun. In Provence decided to organize a kitchen on the east side, so during breakfast enjoy the first rays of the sun. In Provencal house man, as it follows the sun. Dinners are often held on the outdoor terrace on the west.

Chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps usually forged. Chandeliers fixtures are often made of fabric in flower.
Provence's Style is worth it to him as possible and should be explored to make something in this style at home.


Creating a sofa is a science. Combine comfort, convenience, brevity and interior fashion trends, while being original is not always possible. But the creators of modern sofas do not cease to amaze.

Below is a selection of sofas, which served as the appearance of a crazy imagination and creative thinking designers

The name of this sofa speaks volumes about its softness. But this sofa is quite a different purpose. Design Diamond sofa, invented and embodied in the reality of designers Samantha Shidaro and Andrea Fino (Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino), imply the expression of aesthetic values ​​of the owner. The desire of designers was to create an object that has lost the appropriate primitive functions for the sake of acquiring another sense, namely, the ability to inspire his pure luxury and become a real gem of a decorative interior. And they succeeded. Sofa made entirely of aluminum mirror, decorated with a wide band encrusted with Swarovski crystals, and ends with a spiral shape design LED lamp. Of course, these sofas are available in a limited edition.

Presented at the largest exhibition of achievements of modern interior design Design Miami sofa from strips of wood, split, hollowed and then assembled into a whole by sophisticated technology, made a fresh look at the possibility of environmental materials in furniture design. Such a structure comparable to the work of modern art, is not so much for a comfortable stay, how much to focus attention on a particular object in the general

Sofa design from the British steel belongs to Ron Arad. Horizontally split and the truncated cone is the basic foundation of how the seat and backrest. Despite massive appearance sofa quite easy since the sheet is made of chrome nickel steel sheet thickness of only 1 mm. And for the safe use of all the edges are rounded off the couch.

According to the designer Gert Vanhoeven, developed such a miracle, it is - a very comfortable sofa. In addition, buying a similar design, at the same time you honor the memory of Andy Warhol, whose hairstyle and inspired Gert on a similar experiment with form and materials. Long pile black-and-white sheepskin adds coziness and softness of the couch. That's just something with the shape is not right ...

Among the decorative glass sofas, certainly, has been ranked by the lack of comfort. But he is a brilliant blend in most modern city apartment in the center of the metropolis. And to its owners was not too cold and hard to sit, sofa design includes a latex coating.

This sofa we summarize the line under the excursion into the world of the most uncomfortable and, at the same time, interesting shapes and materials, decorative sofas. It's time to see if any of the proposals advanced aces design something on what is really possible to sit and lie down.

In order to create an original design of the sofa does not have to use quite uncomfortable material. That's what the authors of the sofas that we present to you the following collection.

Design sofa mountains were not overly original form. It is common and convenient. That's only the external decoration in the form of irregularly cut back and armrests and trim, decorated with a print of snow-capped peaks, making a real gem of a sofa at home. The author of this design finds - Gaetano Pesce. Central to its design it considers the possibility of connection with nature, getting into the ownership of a piece of open air in your living room.

Design sofa My couch - my canvas by famous designer Annebet Phillips will be interesting to paint both children and adults. Coverage of white canvas sofa upholstery and cushions lined into small pieces, each of which is easily converted into a single work of art, is only to be creative and dream up with paints or markers. For children, a canvas sofa will be a boon and an opportunity not only to be creative, but do not mess with the interior of your room.

Ability to lie on the soft colorful "pebbles", which became the main focus in the design of the sofa «Candy», developed by Matteo Thun for Italian furniture maker Rossi di Albizzate will have the same taste as in toddlers and older children. Some of these "stones" - the usual cushions stuffed with natural wool. They can be shuffled and laid in any order. There is also a version of the design sofas «Candy» for those who love the soothing colors. It comes in white colors and will fit into any room decor.

For those who had grown up, but he did not give up the dream of swimming in the clouds, to luxuriate in their soft embrace, designer DK Wei has developed quite an incredible design that is not only in appearance like a cloud. Design sofa Cloud - it is the combination of comfort and the latest technology, allowing the couch literally float above the floor. The whole secret of design sofa - a magnetic base and the same magnet in the housing couch. The only problem - the metal objects, which now will not occur near these powerful magnets. According to critics, the development of such anti-stress couch (and there are chairs to) the author has pushed extreme fatigue and a desire to get something that helps maximize relax and calm your nerves.

This sofa was a whole army of fans, as soon as it was presented at an exhibition of contemporary design. Terrific shape and the incredible beauty of lights made design of this sofa standard of grace and elegance.
The form of this sofa repeats the curves actually existing species of corals Sarkophyton Eleganse living in the Indian Ocean. A glow in the dark soft hairs covering move even under the influence of a weak breath, mimicking the delicate tendrils of coral polyps.

Also equipped with a fluffy carpet special capsules that release fragrant any means by the owner throughout the night. Touch control this miracle modern sofa design allows you to adjust the light level and flavor.

According to the authors of the sofa "Belly Love", it was designed with a specific purpose: to arouse desire. But as a result of the sofa itself became the object of desire of buyers in search of a fashionable decorate their interiors with this miracle of furniture design.

My review is only a small part of the possible solutions design sofas. I hope it will be helpful to you when choosing your "four-legged" friend:)